Acer’s Commitment to Sustainability Shines at COP28
Acer’s dedication to sustainability and eco-friendly technology will take center stage at the upcoming Global Press Conference in Dubai on December 6. The company’s innovative technology concepts, focused on “Conscious Technology for a Brighter Tomorrow,” align with the themes of the COP28 climate conference and demonstrate Acer’s pledge for a greener future.

With its 2025 Sustainability Goals, Acer aims to use 60% renewable electricity and reduce computer energy consumption by 45%. The company plans to use 100% renewable electricity by 2035 and achieve net zero emissions by 2050. Acer also prioritizes sustainability at every stage of its product lifecycle.

The Vero range, made from recycled materials, and the Acer ebii smart bike are among the sustainable product offerings that reflect Acer’s commitment to eco-friendly solutions. The company also promotes responsible device disposal and less technology waste through initiatives like laptop and battery recycling.

At a previous Global Press Conference in April, Acer’s CEO, Jason Chen, emphasized the company’s dedication to sustainability and innovative technology. The event highlighted Acer’s efforts to integrate technology and nature, using AI to improve medical intelligence, health and fitness, and eco-friendly computing.

The upcoming conference in Dubai is expected to unveil even more innovative products and solutions that underscore Acer’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Media outlets, including MB Technews, will join the conference to cover Acer’s sustainable technology initiatives, marking a significant step in the company’s journey towards a more environmentally conscious tech industry.


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