Optimize website SEO.

Prompt: “Provide a step-by-step guide to optimize my website’s SEO for (target keywords).”

Enhance problem-solving abilities.

Prompt: “Share a step-by-step systematic approach for solving (specific problem or challenge).”

Get incredible book summaries.

Prompt: “Distill the most important lessons from {Book Title} into a comprehensive, but digestible summary.”

Develop a compelling brand story.

Prompt: “(Insert business or personal brand description).
Help me create a powerful brand story for my brand using the Hero’s Journey framework.”

Edit your writing.

Prompt: “(Paste Your Writing).
Proofread the above text for spelling and grammar. Make the sentences more clear.”

Plan your day more effectively.

Prompt: “Help me create a prioritized to-do list for the day based on the following tasks: (List your tasks).”

Develop an effective email marketing campaign.

Prompt: “(Insert a brief description of your target audience and product or service).
Assist me in creating an email marketing campaign using the Customer Value Journey framework.”

Generate headlines.

Prompt: “Create (#) headlines about {Insert Topic}.
The headlines should be eye-catching, punchy, and memorable.”

Set better goals.

Prompt: “Help me create goals for (career or personal objective) using the SMART framework.”

Innovate and improve your product or service.

Prompt: “Using the Jobs-to-be-Done framework, help me identify areas of improvement for my (product or service).”

Shatter writer’s block.

Prompt: “Write an outline for a long-form blog post about (Insert Topic) .”

Strengthen your personal development skills.

Prompt: “(Describe your personal development goals and challenges).
Using the GROW (Goal, Reality, Options, Will) coaching model, help me create a personal development plan to achieve my goals.”

Learn overly complicated topics faster.

Prompt: “Explain (complex topic) like I’m 5 years old.”

Create a successful product launch strategy.

Prompt: “(Insert a brief description of your product and target audience).
Guide me through developing a product launch strategy using the Product Launch Formula to generate interest and sales.”

Optimize your pricing strategy.

Prompt: “Guide me through the process of determining an optimal pricing strategy for my (product or service) using the Value-Based Pricing approach.”

Create a winning elevator pitch.

Prompt: “Based on (insert your mission and niche), help me craft a 30-second elevator pitch for (product, service, or personal brand).”

Get direct advice from your business idols.

Prompt: “Here’s the situation I’m currently facing: (Insert Situation).
Based on these circumstances, what would (Steve Jobs) recommend me to do?

Design a high-converting sales funnel.

Prompt: “(Insert a brief description of your product or service).
Guide me through creating a high-converting sales funnel using the Customer Value Optimization framework.”

Create an effective sales script.

Prompt: “(Insert a brief description of your product or service).
Using the Sandler Selling System, help me craft an effective sales script for my offering.”

Solve problems by identifying root causes.

Prompt: “Guide me through the Five Whys technique to determine the root cause of a (specific problem or situation).”


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