ChatGPT is widely recognized as one of the most advanced and sophisticated language models available. Its talents have enabled it to execute a wide range of tasks, including writing coherent and compelling literature and answering complex questions with amazing accuracy. However, the introduction of Google Bard has shifted the AI landscape, and many people are now turning their attention to this new language model. Google Bard, unlike ChatGPT, is free and easy to use, with no waitlists or other hurdles to entry. As a result, it is quickly becoming a popular choice for both developers and researchers interested in exploring the potential of natural language processing and machine learning.

Here are 10 powerful things Bard can do that ChatGPT cannot:

1. Internet Access

Get quick answers based on real-time information.

It’s free and fast.

Example: “How much capital has been invested into AI in 2023?”

2. Plugins

Supercharge prompts with helpful plugins to get more done.

– Order groceries with Instacart
– Book a reservation with OpenTable
– Plan a trip with Kayak
+ more

ChatGPT Plugins are waitlisted. Bard is open.

3. Coding

– Write or explain code in simple terms.
– Use Bard as a coding co-pilot

Example: “Write code for a simple putt putt game”

4. Image Responses

Get images directly in prompt results.

Example: “What are some must-see sites in New Orleans?”

5. Image Search

Bard can process images as prompts.

6. Export and Collaboration

Unlike ChatGPT, Bard makes it easy to export. You can export into documents or send via Gmail.

You can also extend your prompts with search with the “Google it”

7. Website/Article Summary

You can ask Bard for summaries and questions about any website.

Speed read, learn fast, and simplify complex topics.

Example: “Can you summarize this article (Link).

Bonus tip: You can also ask for it to format key points in bulleted format.

8. Multiple Drafts

You can select from multiple drafts, letting you pick/regenerate your favorite.

Multiple Drafts

9. Voice Prompting

A unique feature for minimizing effort.

Bard is also available on mobile where voice prompting is amazing to have on the go.

Voice Prompting

10. SEO Companion

Bard can analyze your website to support keyword research, on/off-site optimization and strategy.

Example: I want to improve the ranking of my website in search engines. My website is (LINK)


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